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 Meet the Artist: Ghjuliu

Jules Franck Mondoloni portrait

 Jules Franck Mondoloni, born in Pitretu, Corsica on July 2, 1947, is a French artist, sculptor, painter, book illustrator, photographer and poet who lives and works in Porto Pollo, Corsica. His work is featured in the permanent collections of: Musée Rimbaud, Musée Archéologique de Filitosa and le Musée National du Sport in Nice. Jules’ esteem for his native Corsica is a theme that runs through much of his work. He illustrates the impressive panoramas between sea and mountains, the splendors of its still wild maquis, a reserve of fauna and flora, many of which are endemic to the islands. Jules’ second language is French, his mother language is Pumuntincu which is of bas Latin origin. He has communicated his passion for Corsican mythology through ink illustrations, “bandes dessinées.” As a sculptor, he bears a soul that has been forged by the multi-millennia tradition of the sculptors of stone megaliths from his native island.

Mondoloni demonstrates an affection for creating homages to those who inspire him. His tributes to Rimbaud, John Coltrane, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Van Gogh, and the professional boxers is a form of recognition to those who inspire him and who have likewise met personal difficulties as well on the human and material level. However, they overcame them and passed on to posterity essential works of artistic heritage. It is also a message of hope and encouragement that highlights the suffering experienced, not only by these artists, but also the struggles of much of humanity. His work exalts the depth and strength of human perseverance.





Collections in Museums:

Charleville-Mézières - Museum Rimbaud (centenary of the poet's death), 1991  


Filitosa - Musée Archéologique (Site Préhistorique), 1992


Èze Village - Musée d'Eze Côte d'Azur, 1992


Paris - Musée National du Sport de Paris, 1992


Galleries and Cultural Centers:

Bonifacio - Hôtel de Ville, 1991

Ajaccio - Espace Diamant, 1991


Calvi - La Poudrière (Jazz festival), 1995


Bastia -Péristyle de l'Opéra (Musicale de Bastia),1991


Sartène - Centre Culturel Casanova, 1992


Vence - Galerie Rimbaud, 1991 & 1992


Marseille - Palais des Sports (World Championship Boxing Match) 1992


Paris - Cirque d'Hiver(World Championship Boxing Match)



Brooklyn, NY - The David Linker Gallery, 1997-present


Montclaire, NJ - The Oak & Ivy,  1997 








Léo Ferré's dedication to Jules Franck Mondoloni

a Map of the island of Corsica

"Maison maternelleje suis né"

Jules Franck Mondoloni home at his birth
Jules Franck Mondoloni exhibition "100 Portraits of Rimbaud,”Léo Ferré hommage à Jules

During the annual “Festival of Music” at the opera of Bastia, Jules’ exhibition "100 Portraits of Rimbaud,” was held on the centenary of his death. Léo Ferré performed one of his last concerts; he sang Rimbaud's poems and offered me his "Testament phonographe" that he dedicated to me which expressed the honor we had to be inspired by the writing of the poet “under his pen.” I then offered him an Indian ink drawing representing Ferré singing in front of a microphone, with an angry Rimbaud behind him.

Corsica l'île de Beauté

Jules' given Corsican name is Ghjuliu. The Ionian Greeks (circa 500 BC) called the Corsican island "Kallisté," the most beautiful.

Jules' given Corsican name is Ghjuliu. The Ionian Greeks (circa 500 BC) called the Corsican island "Kallisté," the most beautiful.

From "à propos de JFM." A selection from the biography of Jules, by his classmate, André Blanc with whom he attended the art school Lycée Masséna in Nice.

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