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Jules Franck Mondoloni is a modern renaissance man who defines himself by his work. He is a sculptor, a painter, an illustrator, a photographer, and a poet. As a sculptor, he bears a soul that has been forged by the multi-millennia tradition of the sculptors of stone megaliths from his native French island of Corsica. He was born in the village of Pitretu in the commune of Petreto-Bicchisano in Corsica on July 2, 1947.



Autoportrait du 22 mai 1973 A penta Cors

​​​"Whether painting people, monumental buildings or Boxers, Jules creates a unique fusion and moving freshness in his paintings. Spontaneous and sensual, his statues capture what for Jules is the romance of the act of sculpture." - Kaoru Yanase, BT magazine.




Collections in Museums:

Charleville-Mézières - Museum Rimbaud (centenary of the poet's death), 1991  


Filitosa - Musée Archéologique (Site Préhistorique), 1992


Èze Village - Musée d'Eze Côte d'Azur, 1992


Paris - Musée National du Sport de Paris, 1992


Bonifacio - Hôtel de Ville, 1991


Galleries and Cultural Centers:
Ajaccio - Espace Diamant, 1991


Calvi - La Poudrière (Jazz festival), 1995


Bastia -Péristyle de l'Opéra (Musicale de Bastia),1991


Sartène - Centre Culturel Casanova, 1992


Vence - Galerie Rimbaud, 1991 & 1992


Marseille - Palais des Sports (World Championship Boxing Match) 1992


Paris - Cirque d'Hiver(World Championship Boxing Match)



Brooklyn, NY - The David Linker Gallery, 1997-present


Montclaire, NJ - The Oak & Ivy,  1997 








a Map of the island of Corsica

In 1968, Mondoloni was one of thirty students accepted at the national institute Claude Bernard in Paris where he began his training as a professor of both sculpture and drawing. Unfortunately his dreams of studying painting in school were crushed when his painting professor declared to him that “painting is a dead art.” This comment coincided with the French student strike and revolt of the late 1960s, yet he was not discouraged. Jules independently went to the Louvre and other museums throughout Europe to learn from the paintings of the great masters: Poussin, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Delacroix, Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso, Rodin, Michelangelo. He studied not only their art but their history. He studied too those of antiquity: Egyptian, Greek, American, Asiatic, the art of the Cathedrals, as well as so called "primitive art". 


In 1973 he began work in Corsica at the Maison de la Culture creating theater décor and bandes desinées. And in 1982, Mondoloni became an art professor in the French National Education system. He taught for 15 years, during which he further traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia (Uzbekistan, Thailand, and Vietnam), Turkey and the USSR. Mondoloni is a worldly artist who currently resides and works in Corsica. He is inspired daily by the natural beauty of his home landscape, and enjoys walking his dog on the shores of Porto Pollo.

"Maison maternelleje suis né"

The home of Jules Franck Mondoloni at his birth