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Corsica l'île de Beauté

Jules' given Corsican name is Ghjuliu. The Ionian Greeks (circa 500 BC) called the Corsican island "Kallisté," the most beautiful.

A page from the graphic novel "Kalliste" by Jules Franck Mondoloni, an illustration depicting the Greek landing on Corsica and founding of Aleria in 566 BCE.

Artwork in Private Collections

Hommage à Jean-Michel Basquiat  by Jules Franck Mondoloni 1992 ACRLYLIC / PAPER

Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Le Nègre Jaune Joe Louis au sac Joe Louis knocked out by Max Schmeling by Jules Franck Modoloni 199n1 Acrylic / Paper

Homage to Joe Louis

Louis vs. Schmeling, 1936

Hommage à John Coltrane by Jules Franck Mondoloni 1995 Mixed Media

Homage To John Coltrane


Morocco and Tunisia

Arthur Rimbaud Homage

Artist Books

(prints available for sale by request)

Williamsburg Bridge, 1996

(Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat and William S. Burroughs)