Corsica l'île de Beauté

The Ionian Greeks (circa 500 BC) called the Corsican island "Kallisté," the most beautiful.

A page from the graphic novel "Kalliste" by Jules Franck Mondoloni, an illustration depicting the Greek landing on Corsica and founding of Aleria in 566 BCE.

Artwork in Private Collections

Hommage à Jean-Michel Basquiat  by Jules Franck Mondoloni July 9, 1992 19 X 25 inches 48 X 63.5 cms ACRLYLIC / PAPER DL-MISC-092

Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Le Nègre Jaune Joe Louis au sac Joe Louis knocked out by Max Schmeling by Jules Franck Mondoloni 1991 Acrylic / Paper 25.75 X 39.5inches 65 X 100 cms Max Schmeling vs Joe Louis (1st meeting),  Jun. 19, 1936 Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York DL-BOX-010

Homage to Joe Louis

Louis vs. Schmeling, 1936

Hommage à John Coltrane by Jules Franck Mondoloni 1995 Mixed Media 32 x 51.25 inches 81 x 130 cms DL-MISC-093

Homage To John Coltrane


Morocco and Tunisia

Arthur Rimbaud Homage

Artist Books

(prints available for sale by request)

Williamsburg Bridge, 1996

(Homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat and William S. Burroughs)

Manhattan by Marcel Jouhandeau, Illustrated by Mondoloni

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Books I, II & III

(Homage to Lewis Carroll)

Comic Book Series

David's Book